Horse riders


PRICE of accomodation for HORSE RIDERS

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PRICE of lodging for HORSES

—> pro horse and pro night :

14 € : in paddock
23 € : in paddock

—> This price includes :

– provision of the paddock
– material for the cleaning of the paddock
– acces to the saddlery
(30 € deposit for the saddlery)
– tie up bars
– provision of water and bucket
– bathing from the horse in our pond

—> This price DOES NOT include :

– the food of your horse
There’s no grass on the sport to cover the food needs of your horse during your stay.
Hey possible : bale of hay 70x50x30 centimètres
The ordered hey have to be payed, consumed or not.
Paiement at the arrival : price according to delivery.

– cleaning of the paddocks
(material for paddock cleaning provided)