Open air fitness

Our open air exercise equipment

Your holiday will be in good shape…
The children have their playground, the adults have their open air exercise equipment!

The work out playground is installed on the bank of the pond, and is a sort of fitness trail for teens and adults (14-140 years)
The use of the exercise equipment is entirely free for our guests.

presentation VIDEO at Paris Plage :

Reportage France 3 – Body Boomers – Paris Plage

You don’t need a personal trainer, just be carefull to change exercises every 10 minutes.
Different exercise machines are proposed in order to vary physical effort.

Every machine has its own information leaflet

Those who don’t want to jogg anymore, will be delighted to discover this interesting alternative.



Presentation of the different exercise machines



Whilst standing, take the two handles in front of you. Coordinate the mouvements of your arms and legs, and pull the handles toward your torso whilst making alternative moves. Whilst moving, maintain a stable position for a correct exercise. You can optimize your capacities whilst working backwards. This method permits a complete work out for your legs.


Instructions “Body Pedalo ski” – Body Boomers



Machine that improves the strength of your abdominal muscles.
Whilst sitting, take the handlebar in front of you. Whilst coordinating the movements of your arms and legs, pull the handlebar towards your torso with the help of your legs. Push strongly with your legs in order to improve the work out of your thighs, or pull strongly with your arms for a work out of your upper body.
In order to intensify the exercise, you can put your feet on the high part of the support. This will improve the work out of your abdominal muscles.

Instruction VIDEO :

“BodyPoney” – Body Boomers – Open air work out



Machine for a complete abdominal exercise, whilst having a relaxing moment with your friends.
This machine is developped to refine your silhouette, you will get better results in case of a prolonged utilization.

Instruction VIDEO :

Instructions “Body Tripode” – Body Boomers



Machine that improves the strength of your abdominal muscles.
Whilst standing, take the two handles in front of you and put your feet, joined together, on the support. Balance your legs without moving your torso and shoulders. Control the speed of your legs when you lower them, in order to intensify the exercise. Shuffle when you lift your legs, inhale when you lower them.

Instruction VIDEO :

Instructions “Body Horloge” – Body Boomers



Relaxing machine for legs and hips. Thanks to a walking simulation, which exclude the support on the ground, you will relax and loose your body.
Put your feet on the two supports and take the bar in front of you. Balance your legs in a coordinated and restrained way.
If you want to optimize the exercise, try to relax your legs as much as possible. This will facilitate the relaxation of your muscles and a better stretching of the muscles of your legs and hips.

VIDEO mode d’emploi :

Instructions “Body Marcheur Double” – Body Boomers