Parc Naturel Régional des Vosges du Nord

The “carnet du parc” (parc notebook) proposes you more than 250 guided tours about nature, history, handicraft…
and cultural manifestations in order to show you the local culture

parc naturel vosges nord


Club Vosgien – Section Bitche
Rambling Paths



Freedom Garden in Bitche (13 km)

jardin paix_01


Le Sentier de la Tourbière de l’étang de Hanau (pedagogic path in the Hanau bog)
in Philippsbourg (8 km)



Maison de la Biosphère (biosphere house) in Fischbach (25 km – D)



Sentier des Cîmes (tree crown pathway) in Fischbach (25 km – D)



Maison de l’eau et de la rivière (water and river house) in Frohmuhl (35 km)



Golf course of Bitche (13 km)



Parc Aventure et Laser Game Outdoor (adventure and outdoor laser tag) in Bitche (13 km)


L’écomusée d’Alsace (ecomuseum)

L’Écomusée d’Alsace is organised like a real village of the beginning of the XXe century, with its roads, gardens, river and buildings:
houses, farms, school, chapel, station, mill, workshops…
You are free to enter every building, where you will discover exhibitions and meet the locals,
like the housekeeper preparing local specialities, the schoolmaster or the potter at work.